nilsvigeland.com is a web site operated by the composer and pianist Nils Vigeland. Its primary function is to make available scores and recordings for perusal and purchase. In addition there are links to biographical information, interviews, writings and photos.


Website Bulletins

NAXOS release of Life  Sketches/Jenny Q Chai plays piano music of Nils Vigeland now available in digital format at ClassicsOnline,iTunes,eMusic,Amazon,Rhapsody,Chandos Net Shop,Napter and Naxos.

CD release of There was a Child Went Forth/Songs of Nils Vigeland,performed by Deleas Shand, soprano and Nils Vigeland,piano. Available at cdbaby http://www.cdbaby.com/m/cd/deleashandnilsvigeland

Morton Feldman Piano Music Festival at Spectrum  121 Ludlow Street NYC

March 12 at 3 Tania Chen For Bunita Marcus    

March 19 at 7 Jed Disler  Triadic Memories 

March 26 at 7 Nils Vigeland Piano, Palais de Mari, Piano Piece 1952 and Extensions 3

July 12-14   Faculty: Atlantic Music Festival / Waterville, Maine