Date of Composition: 
Chamber Instrumentation: 
Six Bb Clarinets and Timpani

This piece shares the canonic same technique as all in due timeĀ (1973). The canons are first stated at very close time intervals and gradually move away from each other, revealing at their sixth repetition the "correct" solution, which in this case is a harmonization of "America", broken into six phrases. The original version, created at Mills College, where I had a Ford Foundation residency, was for multi-track organ.
This orchestration was made in 1978 for a performance at the North American Music Festival at The University at Buffalo. PatienceĀ is dedicated to Lukas Foss, who recommended me for the Ford Foundation grant.

The recording is of a MIDI realiztion.

Instructions for Use: 
Click on any 'Movement' button to listen to a sample and view the score sample. If you wish to view a larger version of the score, click on the score sample to enlarge.