Life Sketches

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Life Sketches is dedicated to the memory of Yvar Mikhashoff, with whom I studied piano 1974-76 at The University at Buffalo. I cherish the memory of his teaching , his friendship and his generosity. Yvar was a person of opposites; publicly gregarious, privately lonely. He loved both all things theatrical as well as arcane. A large man, somewhat ungainly, he was an exquisite ballroom dancer. The six movements of the suite locate Yvar at various moments in his life and his personae. The last piece, Barcarolle, floats down the river Styx and remembers the first piece, Wild Hopes, now shorn of its hysteria, as well as Cambiata Waltz, which floats above a muted ostinato. 

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Life Sketches

Movement 1

Movement 2

Profane Dance

Movement 3


Movement 4

Im Volkston

Movement 5

Cambiata Waltz

Movement 6

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Jenny Q Chai