Ives Music (#1)

Date of Composition: 
Chamber Instrumentation: 
Violin, Cello and Piano

Ives Music is the first in a series of pieces that employs quotations from other music. In this case the quotations are from Ives himself. In the first movement,Largo, the "human faith" melody from Concord Sonata is referenced. In the second movement, Romanza, the quotation is more direct as the piece concludes with a rhythmically altered statement of the opening of Ives' song Romanzo di Central Park. 

Instructions for Use: 
Click on any 'Movement' button to listen to a sample and view the score sample. If you wish to view a larger version of the score, click on the score sample to enlarge.
Gregor Kitzis, violin/Yari Bond,cello/Nils Vigeland,piano