Five Songs

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Chamber Instrumentation: 
soprano and piano

Five SongsĀ is a collection, not a cycle, though there are threads of connection between the poems. They are all from the 19th C, when poetry was commonly read, and they all, in their own way, are "bright" poems. the tragic note is not sounded.

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There was a Child Went Forth/Songs of Nils Vigeland

Movement 1

The Lake Isle at Innisfree (William Butler Yeats)

Movement 2

Let us Play Yesterday(Emily Dickinson)

Movement 3

There is no God (Arthur Clough)

Movement 4

The Cricket and the Grasshopper (John Keats)

Movement 5

Pied Beauty (Gerard Manly Hopkins)
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Delea Shand,soprano/NilsVigeland,piano