False Love/True Love

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soprano, baritone and piano trio

Chamber opera in two scenes  adapted by Nils Vigeland  from the novel, Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte. Commissioned by The English National Opera and first performed in The Almeida Theater, London, July 1992.

for soprano,baritone and piano trio (vln.,vc. and pn.)
Amy Goldstein, soprano/Brad Carswell, baritone (EMF CD 062)

The text of the opera is drawn entirely from the novel.

Scene I takes place in Thornfield Hall, immediately after  the revelation just before Jane's wedding to to Rochester, that Rochester is already married. She rejects his reasoning that as his wife is insane there is no impediment to their marriage, and leaves him.
Scene II takes place some years later in a modest cottage near the now destroyed Thornfield Hall. Jane has returned to find Rochester blind and desolate. She now accepts his offer of marriage.

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Jane Eyre
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Jane Eyre (opera)
Amy Goldstein, soprano/
Brad Carswell, baritone /
Calvin Wiersma, violin/
Peter Seidenberg, cello/
Jonathan Faiman, piano