Allora e Ora

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Allora e ora (Now and Then), in four movements, starts with an evocation of a 13th C. saint, Santa Fina, whose life lasted fifteeen years, the last five spent lying on a wooden pallet. Accusi va er monno (That’s the way the world goes) is a song without words to a text by the scabrous Roman dialect poet of the common people, G.G. Belli (1791-1863). Ricercare is a more abstract piece in which eleven notes keep unfolding in highly divergent patternings. I Turisti imagines the great Italian monuments, here represented by fragments of two songs, Three Coins in a Fountain and O Sole Mio, enveloped by chattering visitors. 

The only audio excerpt is of I Turisti.



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Life Sketches/Jenny Q Chai

Movement 1

Santa Fina (1238-1253)
piano solo music by Nils Vigeland

Movement 2

Accusi va er monno
Accusi va er monno

Movement 3

Movement 3. Ricecare score sample

Movement 4

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Jenny Q Chai