Three Variations

Three Variations is a continuation of Two Variations for solo guitar, the new piece, entitled Forgetting, taking up simultaneously the playing of two guiatrs tuned a minor second apart, a feature played sequentially in the first piece.

The Mendelssohn Sonata

The Mendelssohn Sonata is in two movements. The first makes fleeting references to Mendelssohn's Organ Sonata in A Major and quotes Ein Feste Burg. The second movement, "38 Cadences in memory of Felix Mendelssohn (1809-18-47)", harmonizes the same two note cadence 38 times above a CF in the pedal of Mendelssohn's hymn tune "Consolation". The piece was awarded first prize in a competition sponsored by  New York Chapter of the American Guild of Organists in 1978. The first performance was given ny Leonard Raver at St. Peter's Church.


Score in preparation

Vibraphone/Marimba/Glockenspiel/Tubular bells

Two suspended racks of various objects (wood/metal/skin/paper)

Prerecorded percussion 

In Progress, the same journey is taken twice. At the beginning all is active,dense and "pitched". Gradually "unpitched" sounds enter the web and the density thins. From a midpoint of silence the progress is reversed until a new equilibrium is attained. At this point the opening progression is enacted 'fortissimo' to the end. Progress is dedicated to Jan Williams.

Three Pieces

Three Pieces was written for Robert Duerr on the occasion of a recital marking the 40th anniversary of his high school graduate recital at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Buffalo,NY.  The organ, Aeolian Skinner 1249, was designed by my father, Hans Vigeland, who was the organist at the church from 1949-1975 and Robert Duerr's teacher. The recording is of the recital performance on that same instrument.

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