Two Olas

These two short pieces, transmogrifications of a Norwegian and Swedish folk song were written for the Swedish pianist/conductor/comedian, Magnus Martenson. The two Olas are Ola Glumstolen (Norway)
Stor Ola,Lill'Ola (Sweden).

Answer and Question

Answer and Question seeks to find a musical equivalent for these forms of speech by placing a restless chromatic variation after a serene, diatonic one. In this sense, "negative" follows "positive" and the ending is inconclusive, though perhaps hopefully so.


Mnemosyne is the goddess of memory. In this piece, a five note motif, C/F#/D/B/B8va/ reapperas in very clear relief through highly contrastive music suggesting, like Proust's madeliene the trigger of recollection.

L'empire des lumières

L'empire des lumières attempts to find some musical equivalents to the extraordinary tromp l’oeil of Rene Magritte’s lamplit street scene beneath a blue sky. This is sought in three sources , a hesitant chordal sequence in many tempi, a simple diatonic melodic fragment that incongruously follows this and a rapid disappearing act, ppp, over the entire range of the keyboard. 


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