Piano Concerto

Piano Concerto is a development and extension of a movement for piano and orchestra that was first read in 1969 by The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Lukas Foss, conducting. It was the first orchestral music of mine I had ever heard.In 1979 Yvar Mikhashoff commissioned me to rework the material into a longer piece and in 1984 the first performance of the newly completed piece was given by Mikhashoff and The Oslo Radio Orchestra, Christian Eggen, conductor.

One Three Five

One Three Five was written for The Milwaukee Symphony orchestra and first performed by it, Lukas Foss, conductor in 1983. While the piece is in one movement the audio file is divided into two sections.

My Father's Song

My Father's Song is a reworking of an earlier piece commissioned by The Pasadena Chamber Orchestra's founder and conductor, Robert Duerr, who was a student of my father, Hans Vigeland . The three movements are entitled:

1) Fanfares and Elegies
2) My Father's Song
3) Portrait

In the audio samples, the first movement is played in its entirety, the second, the first third, and the last, the final four minutes of the piece.

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